A Record of Results

We have all been there before- listening to a politician make big promises that never seem to come true. Antonio is no stranger to that feeling. He grew up right here in West Baltimore, listening to those same promises that change was just around the corner. From the moment he began his career in public service, Antonio devoted himself to being a different kind of leader- one whose record of results speaks for itself.

When we sent Antonio to represent us in the House of Delegates, he remained committed to being a different kind of leader- one we can trust. Antonio has earned our trust each year, by getting real wins for District 40 neighborhoods. These wins include:

  • Helping combat substance use by guiding the HOPE Act to passage. The HOPE Act addresses the impact of substance use in our communities by:
    • Treating substance use as a health issue, not a criminal issue
    • Increasing funding for the treatment of substance use
    • Creating crisis treatment centers and a 24/7 crisis hotline that connects callers with appropriate resources
    • Requiring hospitals to have a plan for releasing patients who have a substance use disorder, including connecting with them counselors and community-based treatment centers
    • Requiring the State of Maryland to develop a plan for treating substance use in prison or jail
  • Helping reduce food deserts by creating a loan program for businesses that offer healthy foods in underserved neighborhoods.
  • Protecting our children from predatory businesses by doubling the fines for liquor stores that sell alcohol to minors.
  • Protecting our elders from price gouging by giving the Attorney General authority to sue pharmaceutical companies that over-charge for prescription drugs.
  • Investing in a tradition of community recreation by securing $300,000 in funding for James Mosher Baseball and $300,000 in funding for Morrell Park Little League.
  • Empowering local businesses by helping the Mt. Vernon Marketplace secure a liquor license for its community-friendly restaurants.
  • Defending our tax dollars by ending the unfair advantages a state contractor received after it overcharged for its services, and pretended to hire members of the community with special employment needs.
  • Fighting to reform the criminal justice system by introducing legislation that would return control of the Baltimore City Police Department to Baltimore City.
  • Saving healthcare for our youth by giving a local college authority to offer health insurance plans to its student.

Antonio’s record of results led to his appointment to the Joint Committee for Children, Youth, and Families. The Joint Committee represents both the House of Delegates and the State Senate, giving Antonio a powerful platform to advocate for Baltimore from. Antonio’s service does not end with his wins in Annapolis though. His office delivers year-round constituent service to our communities, helping us navigate state and local government to get the resources we deserve.