A Future for Us All

Antonio believes that Baltimore is a great City filled with great people. When we struggle as a City, it is not because we lack for hardworking men and women who wake up every day and do-right by their community. When we struggle as a City, it is because our hardworking men and women are not always joined by hardworking elected officials who deliver results.

The 40th District’s State Senator plays a crucial role in local leadership, and is our most powerful advocate for real results in Annapolis. If we are not better off now than we were 4-years ago, then our most powerful advocate in Annapolis has not delivered results. Antonio is running for State Senate because he knows the stakes are too high to wait another 4-years for success.

The 40th District’s State Senator should be a powerful advocate for our interests, not one who lets bills like local control of the Baltimore City Police Department fail in the senate, or allows Westside Elementary to be closed.  As State Senator, Antonio would be the leader our neighborhoods need, helping organize our district’s many stakeholders and securing resources to build capacity at anchor institutions like Coppin State University.  This is just the start of what Antonio has planned for the 40th District after his many conversations with community members like you.

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