Thousands of 40th District residents depend on public transportation for their everyday needs, but live in communities designed for car-first commuting. Antonio believes that a fair City means a City with equal access to opportunity, whether you get there by bus, by bike, by light rail, or by car.

40th District neighborhoods should be consulted whenever changes are made to MTA bus routes, and the commute times for the new BaltimoreLink program should be measured to see whether they improve travel for our residents. Access to new infrastructure like BikeShare or transportation essentials like properly paved roads should not be limited to a handful of neighborhoods- all of Baltimore deserves to move freely and easily around our City.

Much of the transportation infrastructure in Baltimore is funded and controlled by the State of Maryland, which makes strong leadership in the General Assembly crucial to the future of transportation in Baltimore. Whether exploring signal priority for buses at intersections or adopting Bus Rapid Transit on our main corridors, each requires coordination between City and State agencies. Antonio’s record of leadership at home and in Annapolis positions him to coordinate between those bodies for years to come.