Public Safety

As Assistant Deputy Mayor for Baltimore City, Antonio managed the City’s public safety programs. Under his tenure, Baltimore consistently drove down crime year-after-year, while still reducing the rate of incarceration for its most vulnerable populations. This success led Antonio to be a vocal advocate for results-driven public safety policies.

Antonio authored a letter to Governor Hogan laying out a comprehensive vision for improved policing in Baltimore that secured support from many of his colleagues in the General Assembly. His vision calls for:

  • Increased home visits to violent offenders released on parole and probation
  • Expanding Safe Streets into the Mayor’s Transformation Zones, and providing the program with increased funding
  • The State of Maryland staffing Baltimore’s Juvenile Booking facility so that Baltimore police officers assigned to the facility can be reassigned to patrols
  • Extending the patrol and crash investigations for State Police further into Baltimore’s main traffic corridors, so Baltimore police can be reassigned to patrols in our neighborhoods
  • Utilizing State Police, Parole and Probation, and the Department of Juvenile Services on warrant task forces directed at violent offenses
  • Increasing the number of police and frequency of patrols for MTA Police at transportation hubs like Mondawmin Mall, State Center, and Lexington Market

Antonio is also a strong supporter of including civilians on police hearing boards, and creating civilian oversight for community policing in Baltimore, having advocated for each measure in the General Assembly.

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